Network Working Group                                        A. McKenzie
Request for Comments: 270                                            BBN
NIC: 7818                                                January 1, 1972

                    CORRECTION TO BBN REPORT NO. 1822

   In the process of generating RFC #271 we have discovered a set of
   errors in BBN Report No. 1822 (NIC 7958).  The attached page is a
   corrected version of page 25; in addition the first two lines should
   be deleted from page 26.  The paragraph at the top of page 25 is
   changed to show that the Host is NOT marked dead under the stated
   conditions, and to show that the timeout period is 30 (rather than
   40) seconds.  In the footnote, the two changes are underlined; these
   changes also show the timeout period as 30 seconds.  A more formal
   update to Report 1822 will be distributed eventually.

   Please note that these changes reflect errors in previous versions of
   Report 1822, _not_ changes to the IMP system.  The timeout period has
   ALWAYS been 30 seconds and the Host was NEVER marked dead under these

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