DDG Zone 1996

Here are the best DDG games I played on the Internet Gaming Zone in 1996, one from each month. These 7 games, selected from over 50 games, represent the basic idea behind the DDG: crazy attacking against Black's king. The average number of moves is 26, which is typical for DDG games. I have only selected my wins, but there were so few losses to choose from: my DDG score was 89 % (50+ 0= 6-). The opponents were well below master level (like me). All but two games were 5 minutes blitz.

All but one game transposed to the DDG Accepted "main variation" 4. Nc3 Nf6 5. f3.

May: Heikkinen - Phydeaux (5... Bb4 6. Qa4+). My mouseslip variation: in the 15th move, I intended to move the queen to f2, but dropped it accidentally to e2. Fortunately, it did not matter too much. In the end, White sacrifices the knight decisively on h7.

June: Heikkinen - Wayne Gum (5... Bb4 6. Qa4+). White does not castle, but opens the g-file. Time: 10 minutes.

July: Heikkinen - Mike Superville (5... exf3). Black defends with g6, and White has to wriggle in. This is my "longest transposition" to the DDG, via the Queen's Pawn: English Defense 1. d4 b6. Black does not play e6 until in the 9th move!

August: Heikkinen - Kalle2000 (5... c6). Queen's bishops are exchanged early in the game, and White attacks with two knights. Kalle2000 is one of the very few players who have won me twice in the DDG; 2000 is very likely his Elo rating.

September: Heikkinen - fregat (3... c6). A wild game withoug castling, and Black makes a rare king's fianchetto. Time: 20 minutes.

October: Heikkinen - demosthnes (5... c5). White sacrifices the bishop on h7 too optimistically, but again, Black fails to punish him.

November: Heikkinen - Ronald Young (5... Bb4 6. Be3). In the DDG e-mail tournament, I learned to castle queenside, of which this is a nice example.