DDGA E-mail Tournament 1997

What. The second thematic Diemer-Duhm Gambit Accepted e-mail tournament (DDGA'97).

Where. All the games start after moves 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. c4 dxe4.

When. The games started on 1 October 1997.

Why. Entry is free, but the winner will have eternal fame. Selected games will be published on the DDG pages.

The rules of the game

The participants will receive the names and e-mail addresses of their opponents on 1 October 1997.

Players are divided into preliminary sections of 4 players. Everyone will play 6 games in a section: 2 games (1 as White, 1 as Black) against each other. One player can enter 1-3 sections.

The winners of the sections will go to the next round(s), to decide the winner of the whole tournament.

Moves are sent via e-mail. Reflection time is 30 days for every 10 moves. The time not used in one 10-move period may be saved, but no more than 10 days can be used for one move. For practical examples, see IECG's guide About Timekeeping.

How I won the war

After a game is finished, the winner, or Black in case of a draw, sends the game (preferably in the standard PGN format) to the tournament director. The game shall include

If you have any questions, contact the tournament directory.

Jyrki Heikkinen, tournament director