DDGA'96 Awards

After all the games of the tournament have finished, the "best" games and moves will be chosen semi-democratically: everyone has one vote, and everyone can suggest nominees, but the final nominees (if there would be too many) are chosen by the tournament organizers.

I have to admit that I am a bit biassed in choosing the best games: games won by White look more attractive to me. They usually contain more straight attacks because White has to attack if he wants to win. Black can often win by defending, which I do not appreciate so much.

Game: best

You just know it when you see it. Should we also have the bust game award?

Game: brutal

"Valentine's DDG massacre."

Game: sacrifical

The most impressing series of sacrifices.

Game: defending

The most brave defence, or counter-attack.

Game: strange/original

Move: outstanding

Or the most beautiful move, to be given something like "!!!".

Move: theoretical novelty

Something new under the sun.

Move: blunder

I think that the first one here fulfils best the definition of blunder: a move that loses a winning game.