DDG Articles

Here are the published DDG articles I have written. There are also a few Finnish articles.
  1. In Diemer Zones and the Temple of Duhm, BDG World 5/1995 (Serial 70).
    Five DDG games of mine analysed. This may be the first article ever published on the DDG. "An old Diemer line rediscovered", wrote editor Tom Purser.
  2. Alapin-Diemer-Duhm - a Gambiteer's Best French, BDG World 1/1996 (Serial 71).
    Three DDG games, one ADG and one WRG game of mine analysed. "More strange brew", wrote Purser.
  3. Heikkinen - Lalic, BDG World 3/1996 (Serial 73).
    Stop the press! A draw against a GM analysed.
  4. In Diemer Zones and the Bust Crusade, Chess Mail 5/1997.
    Thoughts on the DDGA'96, e-mail chess and offbeat gambits. One game of mine analysed.
  5. Time, Space, and the DDG, BDG World 2/1997 (Serial 77).
    Reasons for playing gambits, how to use time and space. "Enduring mysteries of the universe", wrote Purser. Two games of mine from the DDGA'96 analysed.
  6. DDG overview, GAMBIT, August 1997.
    As far as I know, a short overview was published with some games.
  7. Lessons of a Great Battle, Chess Mail 5/1999.
    Motivation for playing gambits and unorthodox openings. One Brause game given as an example.
  8. Heikkinen - Bongiovanni, Chess Mail 5/2000.
    The traditional gambit number features this miniature in the gambit games miscellany.

Niels Jørgen Jensen wrote an article on his DDG game against Jacob Sylvan in Gambit Revue 1/1996.

Jyrki Heikkinen